Premier McLeod on the Induction of Bob Gannicott into the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame

YELLOWKNIFE (January 12, 2018) — The following statement is from Premier Bob McLeod on the induction of Arctic mineral exploration pioneer Bob Gannicott into the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame this past week:

“The late Bob Gannicott’s induction into the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame is indicative of the life-long commitment to the North that he had.

“Bob contributed immeasurably to the growth and evolution of both our economy and our Territory.

“He was a visionary who showed leadership over decades in our diamond sector and has and will continue to be an example to other exploration and mining companies of what can be achieved in our potential-rich North.

“From truly northern beginnings he engineered the growth of a company which realized heralded international success, but never lost sight of its commitment to the Northwest Territories – and the resources and people from which it drew its value and strength.

“His un-wavering vision and passion for the North and hands-on leadership had a positive and direct impact on hundreds of residents employed by his company and the many NWT businesses it contracted.

“Beyond his business acumen, Bob’s personality never failed to bring a degree of warmth whether you saw him in a community or a boardroom; a testament to his holistic approach to life. 

“Bob was a champion and an advocate for the North.”