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The Coroner's Service of the Northwest Territories is responsible for the investigation of all sudden, unexpected deaths. For emergencies, please call 1-867-873-7460.

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Victim Services provides assistance and support for victims of crime and tragedy by providing information, support and assistance, and referrals to appropriate programs.

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The Legal Aid Commission provides legal advice and legal representation to people who cannot afford to pay for such services. People must meet financially eligible criteria.

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The Land Titles Office examines and registers a variety of documents including transfers of ownership, mortgages, leases, easements, caveats, powers of attorney, writs of execution, mechanics' liens, plans of survey and condominium documents and plans.

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The MM de Weerdt Resource Centre was established primarily to provide legal resource materials to the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and Territorial Court of the Northwest Territories. Resources are available to the public during regular business hours at the Yellowknife Courthouse.

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Corporate Registries is responsible for the incorporation of businesses, societies and co-operative associations; the registration of companies incorporated in other jurisdictions but carrying on business in the Northwest Territories; and the registration of partnerships, sole proprietorships and certain business names.

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The Securities Office serves as a gatekeeper for firms and their representatives wishing to sell securities to the public.

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The Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act gives individuals a legal right to request access to information held by Northwest Territories public bodies.

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In the Northwest Territories, court workers help people who come into contact with the justice system. Their primary duty is to help clients apply for legal aid and ensure that applications and supporting documentation are provided to the Legal Aid office.

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Parenting After Separation is a workshop that helps make the transition through separation or divorce easier for both children and parents.

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