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Individuals Email 867-767-9061 ext. 49170 Website

Information on adoption topics such as custom adoption, families wanting to adopt, information for birth parents and post adoption services.

Individuals Email 867-767-9061 ext. 49178 Website

Information on addictions and available resources for individuals who are looking to get help.

Individuals Email 800-661-0830 Website

Providing birth certificates for individuals born in the NWT. This is an important personal document, used to prove your legal identity and accessing other important services.

Individuals Email 800-661-0830 Website

Register a new baby's birth.

Individuals Email 867-669-4375 Website

Child Development Team offers diagnostic assessment services for children from birth to 16 years of age. The services are available to families who are concerned about their child's development.

Individuals Email 867-767-9061 ext. 49168 Website

Protect children and young people who are underage and encouraging families to be strong and healthy

Individuals Email 867-767-9061 Website

Request information from your Child and Family Services file

Individuals Email 867-767-9066 Website

Monitors and controls all infectious disease.

Individuals Email Website

Provides prevention, promotion, counselling and aftercare for mental health and addictions.

Individuals Email Website

Community Health Centres provide health care activities such as health promotion, immunization clinics, prenatal classes, postnatal care, and primary care.

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