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Archives staff answer questions related to the history of the NWT or assist researchers in accessing historical records.

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Education Operations Development accepts queries in relation to the data collected, compiled and analyzed for the 'Towards Excellence' publication.

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Provides NWT Teaching Certificates to new teachers in the NWT and certificate renewal for term and indeterminate teachers.

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Provides registration for adults in the NWT who wish to complete their Graduate Equivalency Diploma requirements and examinations.

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Licenses, monitors and provides program development support funding to early childhood programs.

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Provides funding and program development support to non-profit organizations to enhance and expand existing programs for children from birth to formal school entry. Proposals are accepted at the regional level.

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Authorizes the holder to cut a maximum of 60 cubic metres of fuelwood, building logs, transplants (maximum of 20 trees), fence posts, or timber in a given area during a period of up to one year.

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Authorizes the holder to conduct research respecting forests.

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Authorizes the holder to cut a maximum of 5000 cubic metres of timber during a period of up to one year.

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Provides program development support and funding to licensed non-profit early childhood programs, to create an immersion environment within the existing program for children to learn and experience their local language and culture.

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