Estates administered by the Public Trustee


Estates administered by the Public Trustee

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The Public Trustee will, in certain situations, manage a deceased person's estate.

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Justice Public Trustee Office
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Public Trustee
Phone: 1-867-767-9252
Fax: 1-867-873-0184
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Note: Staff travel to communities where no resident staff exist.

Additional Info:

An estate is what a person owns, such as money, life insurance, land, vehicles, stocks, bonds, jewellery, personal possessions, and household effects. The estate also includes items that may be owing to a person when they die, such as final wages, income tax refunds, and Canada Pension Plan contributions.

The Public Trustee can only administer an estate when:

- the deceased person stated in a will that the Public Trustee was to administer the estate;
- a person dies without leaving a will and there is no one else to look after the estate;
- the family of the deceased states, in writing, that it consents to the appointment of Public Trustee as administrator;
- the only beneficiaries are children;
- the beneficiary is a spouse and a senior citizen (over the age of 65); or
- when the beneficiary is mentally incapable.

Generally outside of Yellowknife, the Public Trustee may rely upon the Government Service Officers, especially in cases where a unilingual person is seeking service.

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