Paying/Receiving Child Support


Paying/Receiving Child Support

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The federal Divorce Act sets out guidelines for the amount of child support a debtor is required to pay.

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Justice Maintenance Enforcement Program
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Phone: 1-867-767-9258 / 1-800-661-0798
Fax: 1-867-873-0106
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The base amount payable depends on the debtor's income and the number of children to be supported.

To register with the Maintenance Enforcement Program, either the creditor or debtor must submit a completed registration package along with a court order or agreement outlining that support is owing. Registration packages can be mailed out by the Maintenance Enforcement Program upon request, can be picked up at the office in Yellowknife, or may be accessed on the Program's website. A copy of your court order can be obtained from the courthouse.

Many incorrectly believe that a requirement to pay child support automatically ends when the child reaches age 18 or 19. In some cases, support continues while the child attends college, while in cases of disabled children support may continue indefinitely. There are many factors in determining when an obligation to pay child support ends, including the province in which the order was made, the province in which the child currently resides, whether the order states an age at which child support ceases, and the law (Act) under which the order was granted in court. The Maintenance Enforcement Officer assigned to your case or your legal counsel will be able to provide you with further information on this issue.

Office Hours: 9:00am-4:00pm (including lunch hour)

The Maintenance Enforcement Program is not just for situations where maintenance is not being paid. Many people enroll with us simply because it's easier to have us collect and track their payments.

The Maintenance Enforcement Program cannot guarantee the collection of funds, nor their regularity.

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