Interjurisdictional Support Orders (ISO)


Interjurisdictional Support Orders (ISO)

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You can apply for a support order in one of the NWT's reciprocating jurisdictions without having to go there. You can also apply to change an existing support order.

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Justice Maintenance Enforcement Program
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Phone: 1-867-767-9258 / 1-800-661-0798
Fax: 1-867-873-0106
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A person in one of the reciprocating jurisdictions can also apply for a support order in the NWT. The person making the application does not usually have to go to court; the respondent (the person in the reciprocating jurisdiction) goes to court to respond to the application.

The Northwest Territories has reciprocal agreements with all the Canadian provinces and territories, and with several foreign countries. These are reciprocating jurisdictions. This means that the NWT and each of the reciprocating jurisdictions have agreed to recognize the family support (maintenance) orders and agreements made in the other place. An order or written agreement made in one place is 'good' in the other.

The NWT law about reciprocity is the Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act, which is called 'ISO' for short. Each of the reciprocating jurisdictions has very similar ISO laws.

Office Hours: 9:00am-4:00pm (including lunch hour)

The Maintenance Enforcement Program is not just for situations where maintenance is not being paid. Many people enroll with us simply because it's easier to have us collect and track their payments. However, the Maintenance Enforcement Program cannot guarantee the collection of funds, nor their regularity.

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