Corporate Registries


Corporate Registries

What you'll get:

Corporate Registries is responsible for the incorporation of businesses, societies and co-operative associations; the registration of companies incorporated in other jurisdictions but carrying on business in the Northwest Territories; and the registration of partnerships, sole proprietorships and certain business names.

Who delivers it:
Justice Legal Registries
Who it is for:
Businesses, Individuals, Organizations
Who to contact:
Corporate Registries Clerk
Phone: 1-867-767-9304 / 1-877-743-3302
Fax: 1-867-873-0243
How to get more info:
Phone FaxWebsite MailE-mail In-Person
How to get the service:
Phone FaxWebsite MailE-mail In-Person
Staff available in:

Additional Info:

This is a public registry with information available to the public for a fee.

Transactions can be completed a number of ways, depending on the service requested:

Search requests can be completed by Phone, Fax, Website, Mail, Email, or In-Person.

Filing most documents (except Name Search and Reservations) requires an original signature and can only be done by Mail or In-Person.

Name Search and Reservations do not require an original signature, and can be completed by Fax, Mail, Email, or In-Person.

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