K’alemi Dene School Bat Presentation

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The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) staff made a visit to K’alemi Dene School in N’dilo on October 24th to celebrate Bat Week 2018.

Students from Grades 1 to 3 had been working on their October unit on bats and were excited to learn more from ENR bat experts. Topics of the presentation included:

  • Types of bat habitats including roosts, caves and bat houses
  • Bat skeletons and their wings’ similarities to the human hand
  • NWT bats species and the different sizes of bats from 30 mm long to having a two-meter wingspan
  • How bats are an NWT Species at Risk and what that designation means
  • How some bats are sick with white nose syndrome, a disease affecting bats in southern North America that is a threat to the North

The students also had a chance to do some exciting bat activities including making bats using their hand prints. See photo above.

To learn more about bats in the NWT, visit: https://www.enr.gov.nt.ca/en/services/bats