Linking Knowledge and Ways of Knowing: NWT Water Strategy Implementation Workshop

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The Water Resources Division of ENR hosted a NWT Water Stewardship Implementation Strategy workshop in Detah, NWT at the end of October 2018. The workshop included more than 70 participants from 15 NWT communities. 

This year’s theme was “Linking Knowledge and Ways of Knowing” and focused on the exchange of stories, perceptions and knowledge between water partners. The goal of this exchange was to facilitate collaboration, build relationships, and share learning. This year’s theme drew on the strengths of different knowledge systems and ways of knowing to achieve the vision and goals of the Water Strategy.

Workshop topics included:

  • Shared learning and resources to increase community capacity
  • Youth engagement in water stewardship and support for youth in bridging knowledge systems
  • Tools to improve data management and accessibility
  • Importance of community and regional protocols for traditional knowledge collection, use and sharing
  • Incorporating traditional knowledge and local knowledge into water decisions and regulatory processes
  • Ways to support existing and emerging Guardian programs

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