Photo credit Kirsty Gurney. (CBC News)

NWT CIMP-Funded Project: Water Monitoring

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Did you know the Northwest Territories (NWT) has 163,000 km2 of fresh water? As one of the NWT’s abundant resources, research to help make sure our waters remain clean and protected is a priority.

A group of researchers and residents in Fort Good Hope has been studying water quality in the local wetlands in the Ts'ude niline Tu'eyeta (Ramparts River and Wetland) area to evaluate the cumulative impact of human activities and natural processes. This research is partly funded by the GNWT’s Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program (NWT CIMP). 

NWT CIMP is a source of environmental monitoring and research information. NWT CIMP project results are used to help understand and respond to changing environmental conditions at local, regional and territorial scales. More information can be found at

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