Regional Land Use Planning: Guidelines on what to expect from the Government of the Northwest Territories – 2016

Review and Approval of Land Use Plans

Onglets principaux

The GNWT is responsible for review and approval of regional land use plans under the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act. Types of review and approval include:

  • a new land use plan
  • an amendment to a plan, or
  • a revised plan undergoing a five-year plan review

2.1 GNWT roles

The GNWT’s Department of Lands is mandated to coordinate the GNWT’s participation in planning processes.

As a planning partner, GNWT departments will provide:

  • the best available information, data, and expertise in a timely manner to the planning boards
  • an analysis of planning options
  • technical and policy advice on draft plans
  • advice on the GNWT’s legislative authority to implement land use plans

As an approval authority, the GNWT will:

  • put forward its priorities and interests
  • contribute to setting the vision and goals for the region

The GNWT will also:

  • fulfill the GNWT’s legal consultation responsibilities where a decision to approve or amend a land use plan could have an adverse impact on an asserted or established Aboriginal or treaty right
  • take into account a land use planning board’s consultation process and ensure that the Crown’s legal duty to consult is met