Regional Land Use Planning: Guidelines on what to expect from the Government of the Northwest Territories – 2016

GNWT internal approval process

An overview of the GNWT’s internal process for approval of land use planning documents

Step 1: External Collaboration with Planning Partners

Informal notice from planning board to Land Use Planning Unit about a new process.

Step 2: Process Terms of Reference

Led by the planning authority, territorial government collaborates in developing the Terms of Reference.

Step 3: Planning Board Submission

Land Use Plan or document formally submitted by Planning Board to Minister of Lands for review and informally submitted to Land Use Planning Unit.

Step 4: Setting Internal Review Process and Statement of Work

Land Use Planning Unit leads Working Group through review, setting time lines, process, and criteria.

Step 5: Departmental Review

Each department does its own review based on the territorial government approval criteria. Land Use Planning Unit coordinates with Department of Justice for legal review.

Step 6: Comment Roll-up

and Use Planning Unit coordinates internal roll-up, drafts submission to the planning board and shares with the Working Group for discussion.

Step 7: Resolution of Territorial Government Priorities

Working Group finalizes submission by resolving any conflicting comments or issues and considers legal and financial issues.

Step 8: Deputy Ministers Committee Review

Deputy Ministers Committee provides input to Deputy Minister of Lands on the submission. Minister of Lands submits to Committee of Cabinet or Cabinet.

Step 9: Committee of Cabinet Review AND/OR Cabinet Approval

Committee of Cabinet reviews and offers advice to Cabinet. Minister of Lands submits to Cabinet, and, if necessary, Financial Management Board.

Step 10: Finalize and Send Cabinet- approved Submission to Planning Board