Budget Dialogue 2013 Results

13 janvier 2014
Communiqués de presse

YELLOWKNIFE (January 13, 2014) – The final report of Budget Dialogue 2013 (Budget Dialogue 2013 Results here) confirms the GNWT’s overall approach to maximizing the benefits of resource revenues for present and future NWT residents by investing in long-term infrastructure, repaying debt, and investing money in the Heritage Fund.

“I am pleased by the engagement of Northerners and thank everyone who took the time to participate in this important process,” said Finance Minister Michael Miltenberger.

Budget Dialogue 2013 was an opportunity for residents to get involved in the GNWT’s fiscal decision-making, especially how non-renewable resource revenues should be managed following devolution on April 1, 2014. Minister Miltenberger hosted meetings in seven regional centres to hear residents’ views. About 80 people made comments, and 20 written submissions were received from interested parties. 

“I agree that resource revenues should be kept out of the operating budget,” said Minister Miltenberger. “We heard a variety of opinions about how to manage the Heritage Fund for future generations, and this will help the Legislative Assembly engage in a thorough discussion in February.”

The results of Budget Dialogue 2013 will be considered in the 2014-15 Budget, which will be debated in the Legislative Assembly this February/March, and future budget planning processes. Other suggestions will be included in future budget planning processes. The results report is available on the Department of Finance’s website.

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