Dr. Kami Kandola, Opening Remarks, Weekly Media Briefing, COVID-19

Déclarations et discours de ministres

Yellowknife — 22 avril 2020

It is undoubtedly good news that at this time, our territory has no active cases of COVID-19, and our last confirmed case reported two-and-a-half weeks ago.

But as we respond to COVID-19, it’s important we both look at the facts, and remember our history.

We know that there are second and perhaps even third waves in Canada expected before we get a vaccine.

We know from history, those additional waves are often more deadly and widespread than the first. So even if Canada’s first curve flattens, we are far from through this.

And the fact is, the biggest risk to our territory is the situation across Canada – and right now, Canada’s cases continue to grow significantly each day in spite of testing rates far lower than our own.

The only way for us to keep our territory in containment through three waves across Canada is to be very careful in how we manage our response over this time.

We understand that our current levels of restriction cannot remain forever, but we also need to be very deliberate in how we weigh all of the evidence.

We are looking at infection rates, deaths, regional outbreaks, transmission dynamics, growing worries about asymptomatic spread, and rapidly evolving research we are getting all the time.

And from that data, we are looking at ways loosening our restrictions only where it makes the most sense.

We are formulating a plan for moving forward with all the information we have, and will be speaking in greater detail in the near future.