Glen Abernethy: Social Work Month

5 mars 2015
Déclarations et discours de ministres

Mr. Speaker, each year we celebrate March as National Social Work Month. Social work is a profession for those with a passion to help improve people’s lives. Social Workers help individuals, families and communities by providing support and resources and working through challenging and complex circumstances.

Social Workers can work directly with individuals to provide counselling services or other supports. They also contribute to the broader improvement of our Territory through policy development and helping to improve the way services are provided and delivered at the community level.

Social Workers have an ethical obligation to advocate for broad social change to address social inequalities that will benefit the marginalized members of our communities, and ultimately, all of us.

When families are in crisis, Social Workers are there to help people get back on their feet. Social Workers show outstanding dedication and professionalism to help people achieve success and realize their best selves. The hours are tough, as help is required around the clock.

Social Work requires determination, devotion and a sense of purpose to make a real difference for people in need, and I have seen many positive outcomes as a result of Social Workers’ efforts.

For these reasons and many more, Social Work is being celebrated this year as a Profession of Choice. As the Minister of Health and Social Services, I want to express how much the Government of the Northwest Territories appreciates professional social work not just during Social Work Month, but every day.

I am pleased to have this extra opportunity to celebrate these outstanding professionals and express the Government of the Northwest Territories’ recognition and thanks for all their hard work on behalf of the people of the Northwest Territories.
Thank you, Mr. Speaker.