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GNWT to Develop Framework to Manage Recreational Lands

Communiqués de presse

YELLOWKNIFE (October 21, 2014) – Minister of Lands Robert C. McLeod announced today that the Government of the Northwest Territories is beginning work to develop a Recreational Land Management Framework for the Northwest Territories.

“Northerners have told us that they care about environmental sustainability and also want more opportunities to lease land near communities for recreational use,” said Minister McLeod. “Now that devolution has taken place, we need to ensure recreational leasing throughout the territory meets northern needs and priorities.”

The Department of Lands is beginning work to modernize and unify its framework for managing recreational land management as part of the government’s commitment to improve policies and processes to better meet northern needs. The draft framework will be shared with Aboriginal governments and made available on the Department of Lands website for stakeholder and public review and feedback. The work is expected to take approximately 18-24 months.

The new framework will provide certainty for existing leaseholders, provide clear guidelines for future leasing, and ensure that recreational uses of land across the NWT are environmentally sustainable. Aboriginal rights will be considered and respected throughout the framework development process.

While the Recreational Land Management Framework is being developed, no new applications for recreational leases will be accepted in the area along the Ingraham Trail and Highway 3 around Yellowknife, so appropriate studies and planning can be completed to ensure recreational land in this area can be managed according to the new framework.

The terms and conditions of existing leases in the Ingraham Trail and Highway 3 area will continue to be honoured, including options to apply for renewal. The Department of Lands will also be examining options in the short term for managing vacant, previously surveyed lots within existing subdivisions in this area. The Department will continue to issue leases for recreational use in the remainder of the NWT.

Post-devolution, the Department of Lands administers two separate sets of public land management policies. To ensure consistency across the territory, the Department has made it a priority to create a single recreational land management framework that would apply across the NWT and ensure that the Department’s decision-making process is fair, transparent and considers potential land use needs for the benefit of our territory.

The Department of Lands is committed to responsible, effective and sustainable land management that reflects northern values and priorities.

For more information, visit www.lands.gov.nt.ca.

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