Minister Ramsay Promotes NWT Interests at Justice Ministers’ Meetings

20 octobre 2014
Communiqués de presse

YELLOWKNIFE (October 20, 2014) – Minister of Justice David Ramsay joined his federal, provincial and territorial colleagues in Banff last week to discuss a range of public safety and justice issues, including several of interest to NWT residents.

Ministers talked about the progress that has been made on addressing violence against Aboriginal women and girls and agreed to the release of a progress report outlining specific activities underway as well as further commitments for action.  Ministers also discussed countering violent extremism, implementation of the proposed Victims Bill of Rights, further collaboration on access to justice issues and shared information on initiatives to support offender reintegration.

Minister Ramsay, and his fellow territorial ministers pressed the federal government for enhanced funding under the First Nations Policing Program.  “This is a long-standing issue for the North,” said the Minister. “Extension of the program to the Northwest Territories would significantly advance our efforts to meet the policing needs of our communities and allow the NWT to invest in addressing issues like cultural diversity and orientation of members, language issues, policing remote Aboriginal communities and the steady increase in the costs of policing.”

During the meetings Minister Ramsay also had the opportunity to sit down with colleagues from Yukon and Nunavut to talk about specialized courts, securing funding from the federal government under the First Nations Policing Program and other areas of common concern.

“This was a great opportunity to meet Public Safety and Justice Ministers from across the country and to learn more about the issues that they face,” added Minister Ramsay. “I look forward to building on these relationships for the benefit of public safety and justice programs and services in the NWT.”

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