New Liabilities and Financial Assurances Office to Ensure Responsible Development

12 septembre 2014
Communiqués de presse

YELLOWKNIFE (September 12, 2014) – Minister of Lands Robert C. McLeod today announced new measures that will help the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) ensure development on public lands is done responsibly and respects the value Northerners place on the land and environment.

As part of implementing new responsibilities assumed through devolution, the GNWT will be adopting a coordinated government-wide approach for managing environmental liability and securities for resource development. A dedicated division will be established in the Department of Lands to oversee security management and policy development. The Division will provide strong and effective collaboration between departments with legislated responsibilities for security deposits and central agencies such as the Departments of Finance and Justice. The Division will also lead and coordinate short and longer term policy development and the Government’s ongoing management of securities.

“Respect for the land is part of the Northern way of life,” said Minister McLeod. “I am confident that the new Liabilities and Financial Assurances Division will help our government fulfill its new responsibilities and make sure that public lands are managed appropriately, especially when it comes to establishing accurate cost estimates for security deposits.”

Requiring securities as a part of the development review process helps ensure potential environmental liabilities can be remediated and the northern environment protected. Security deposits help protect government and taxpayers from the risk of having to bear the costs of meeting these conditions.

Under devolution, GNWT departments became responsible for administering securities related to their respective legislative mandates. The new division will ensure a government-wide, unified and consistent approach on this important work.

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