NWT recipients honoured during Literacy Week

25 septembre 2012
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YELLOWKNIFE (September 25, 2012) – Recipients of the Council of the Federation Literacy Award and the Ministerial Literacy Awards were honoured today during the annual Adult Learners’ Luncheon in Yellowknife.

These awards were created by the Council of the Federation in 2005 and the Minister of Education, Culture and Employment in 2002 to recognize adult learners who have overcome learning and literacy challenges or championed literacy to learners of all ages.

The award recipients for 2012:

Karra Dillon – The Council of the Federation Literacy Award is given to an adult learner has overcome obstacles and demonstrated outstanding progress in the pursuit of literacy skills in any of the NWT’s official languages.

Patrick Bailey - The Ministerial Literacy Award is given to NWT youth learners (ages 16 to 25) who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to their own literacy development and who have been role models for other youth.

Kate Powell and Lucinda Summers - The Ministerial Literacy Award is given to NWT teachers, tutors or literacy facilitators who have demonstrated an outstanding dedication to literacy.

Literacy Outreach Centre - The Ministerial Literacy Award is given to NWT organizations, literacy committees or programs that have advocated for literacy and improved literacy levels in their communities.

The awards luncheon, provided by Aurora College and hosted by the NWT Literacy Council, is a highlight of NWT Literacy Week.  It is supported by funding from the Department of Education Culture and Employment.

For more information, please contact:

Ashley Green
Public Affairs Officer
Education, Culture and Employment
Phone: (867) 920-3059
Email: ashley_green@gov.nt.ca



Northwest Territories Recipients Honoured During Literacy Week

There are 4 Literacy Awards given out each year in the Northwest Territories (NWT).

The awards are advertised throughout the NWT using print media, emails, radio ads and the Department of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE) website. Once the nomination deadline has passed, a Ministerial Literacy Awards Selection Committee is formed of literacy experts from both the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) and Nongovernment Organizations (NGO), to choose the winners. Nominees are scored using scoring templates, and the highest scoring nominees receive the awards.

Karra Dillon - Council of the Federation (CoF) Literacy Award. Announced earlier this summer, this is a special medallion awarded by the Council of the Federation in each of Canada’s thirteen provinces and territories to celebrate outstanding literacy achievements. The award is customarily presented to an adult learner. Ms. Dillon is a young Inuvialuit woman who left school at an early age to start a family. In 2010, she returned to school in order to pursue a career, and enrolled in the Aboriginal Language and Cultural Instructor Program (ALCIP) at Aurora College in Inuvik. Ms. Dillon began the program as an emerging speaker and worked hard to become very skilled and fluent in Siglitun Inuvialuktun. Her love of her language and culture is also expressed through traditional drum dancing. Ms. Dillon plans to pursue additional upgrading toward her new goal of entering the Bachelor of Education Program.

Patrick Bailey - The Ministerial Literacy Award (Youth Learner).  This award celebrates a young adult’s commitment to literacy and honours their literacy achievements. Mr. Bailey entered into the Adult Literacy and Basic Education (ALBE) program at Aurora College’s Norman Wells Community Learning Centre in 2010 and has made great strides in pursuit of improving his literacy skills. With a near perfect attendance record, Mr. Bailey’s diligence and hard work ethic over the last academic year led to his acceptance into the Bachelor of Science program at Full Sail University in Florida.

Kate Powell and Lucinda Summers - The Ministerial Literacy Award (Educator). This award honours outstanding practitioners in the field of literacy. This year’s recipients are the Literacy Coordinator and Program Support Teacher, respectively, at Deninu School in Fort Resolution. Ms. Powell’s and Ms. Summers’ strong leadership and dedication to literacy have seen many improvements to the community and the students, including a 16% drop in students on Student Support Programs and a more than 35% increase in students’ literacy rates in the last two years. As a result of their efforts, all students are now reading at or above their grade level and parents and community members are fully engaged in literacy awareness.

Literacy Outreach Centre - The Ministerial Literacy Award (Organizations). This award recognizes a group’s exceptional dedication to promoting and enhancing literacy in one or more of the NWT’s eleven official languages. The Literacy Outreach Centre successfully provides programs that involve and engage adults with and without disabilities in Yellowknife. The Literacy Outreach Centre partners with service providers, such as the Salvation Army, Centre for Northern Families’ Women’s Shelter, YWCA, Yellowknife Public Library, the Baker Centre and the Yellowknife Association for Community Living. These partnerships help deliver programming that applies adult learning principles which allow for individualized learning plans and have the flexibility to adapt measuring tools, support learner self-assessment and goal setting. The Outreach Centre has played a major role in developing the literacy, social and life skills of the city’s marginalized, hard-to-reach adults and adults with disabilities over the past 12 years.