Premier McLeod unveils proposed GNWT mandate

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YELLOWKNIFE (February 18, 2016) – Premier Bob McLeod tabled the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) proposed mandate in the Legislative Assembly this afternoon. The mandate sets out 130 commitments the GNWT is proposing for advancing the priorities all Members of the 18th Legislative Assembly (MLAs) agreed on in December.

“During last year’s election, we all heard that the people of the Northwest Territories want a more accountable and transparent government and want to see MLAs working together more collaboratively,” said Premier McLeod. “The mandate we are tabling today is a clear statement of how government plans to work on the priorities of the people and Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories. Once it has been debated and adopted, it will form an agreed-upon benchmark against which the people we serve can clearly measure our progress and accomplishments as a government.”

This is the first time that the GNWT has formally developed a mandate in response to the priorities of the Legislative Assembly and submitted it for public review and debate by MLAs. It was prepared under the direction of the Executive Council and presented to Caucus for feedback and input three times following the Process Convention on Priority Setting and Reporting.

It is expected that the proposed mandate will be moved into Committee of the Whole (COW) for public debate and consideration next week. MLAs are expected to vote to formally adopt a final version of the mandate following COW review.

Once adopted by the Assembly, the mandate will be used in the development of government business plans and the Main Estimates for the 2016-17 fiscal year, which will identify how and when the GNWT will proceed with the work promised in the mandate and how much it will cost. Business plans will be shared with Standing Committees of the Legislative Assembly for review and input in late April, with Main Estimates based on those business plans being introduced into the Legislative Assembly for public debate and approval in the May-June budget Session.

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