Robert C. McLeod: Drinking Water Website

Mr. Speaker, the first priority identified the by the 18th Legislative Assembly talks about improving governance by increasing accountability, transparency, collaboration and building stronger relationships with community governments and stakeholders. I am pleased to rise today to announce the launch of a new website that does just that.

It is important that the residents of the NWT have confidence in the safety of their drinking water. Improving access to information about how the government and its partners work together to keep drinking water safe is one way to foster that confidence. That is why the GNWT is unveiling a new drinking water website that will provide people with the information they need, in one location, that is clear and easy to understand. Rather than having to go to several websites, residents can access centralized information about how safe drinking water is managed and maintained in the NWT.

This new website, located at, is a joint effort of four GNWT departments active in drinking water management: Public Works and Services, Environment and Natural Resources, Health and Social Services and Municipal and Community Affairs.

By visiting the website, the public can learn about several aspects of safe drinking water. They can learn how a multi-barrier approach involving watershed protection, water treatment, monitoring and testing ensures drinking water is safe. Updated boil water advisories will be posted on the site. Residents can read about the roles and responsibilities of various groups who monitor and manage drinking water safety, including community governments, various GNWT departments, the Federal Government and the water boards.

This website also includes various videos on drinking water and residential water tank cleaning, reports on drinking water published by the GNWT, and Frequently Asked Questions. The website,, serves as a valuable tool to raise public awareness, understanding and transparency about how we keep our drinking water safe.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.