Shane Thompson: NWT Active Living Framework 2023-2033

Déclarations et discours de ministres

Yellowknife — 6 octobre 2023

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to announce that after several months of engagement and collaboration with territorial and regional sports organizations, the NWT Active Living Framework 2023-2033 has been approved.

The intention of the Framework is to guide the investment of public funds to support the development of recreation, sport and physical activity priorities for Northwest Territories residents. Work on the NWT Active Living Framework 2023-2033 began prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, following amendments to the Western Canada Lottery Act.

The Department of Municipal and Community Affairs has worked hard in collaboration with its partners to develop a framework that is representative of Northern jurisdictions, and that supports those who may be underserved or underrepresented in the sport sector. There were some delays experienced due to the pandemic, but work resumed in the fall of 2022, with engagement starting in December.

Engagement included more than 24 organizations and 49 individuals who provided input on what residents felt should be priority actions for the Northwest Territories. This engagement culminated in early July with the publication of the What We Heard Report, which summarized the findings. From this report, the NWT Active Living Framework 2023-2033 was developed, and has recently been endorsed by our partner organizations, including the NWT Recreation and Parks Association, the Mackenzie Recreation Association, the Aboriginal Sport Circle of the Northwest Territories, and the Sport North Federation. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to these organizations for their input and guidance in advancing this project.

Mr. Speaker, the NWT Active Living Framework 2023-2033 represents the interests and needs of sport and recreation programs in the NWT and will lead to the best outcomes for residents. The Framework will focus on six themes that are of critical importance to the NWT active living sector. They include prioritizing Indigenous cultures and practices; building sector capacity; celebrating, and supporting local champions; improving access and increasing opportunities for participation; promoting the value of the sector; and investing in the sector with sustainable, flexible funding.

With the completion of this framework, the department will turn its attention to the implementation of these priorities going forward. This will be achieved by aligning funding agreements under the Western Canada Lottery, as well as the department budget, to this framework. A monitoring and evaluation strategy will be developed to support reporting on key performance indicators and evaluate selected programs on a regular basis.

Mr. Speaker, the NWT Active Living Framework 2023-2033 could not have been developed without input and collaboration from key stakeholders. Nor can the priorities be implemented without the ongoing support of the many organizations that deliver sport, recreation, and physical activity programs to Northwest Territories residents. MACA will continue to foster this collaboration to ensure the best results.

Once again, I extend my thanks to all those who contributed to this project. I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of the department to coordinate and manage this renewed effort that has resulted in a document that is broadly supported. I look forward to the implementation of the NWT Active Living Framework 2023-2033 for years to come.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.