Volunteers recognized during Restorative Justice Week with Ministerial Award

19 novembre 2014
Communiqués de presse

YELLOWKNIFE (November 19, 2014) – Minister of Justice David Ramsay today thanked volunteers from across the Northwest Territories who have made the NWT’s restorative justice programs one of the most active in Canada.

“I’d like to take the opportunity during this special week to open the nominations for the Ministerial Restorative Justice Award 2014”, said Minister Ramsay. “We know there are people in our territory who have demonstrated through their work or lifestyle choices, ways of transforming human relations by promoting healing between people in conflict. This award is one small way of recognizing their contributions to justice and community”.

The recognition of volunteers is part of Restorative Justice Week, November 16 –23, 2014. Restorative Justice Week is celebrated by federal, provincial and territorial governments across Canada.

“This year’s theme for Restorative Justice Week “Inspiring Innovation” is appropriate for the NWT,” said Mr. Ramsay. “This theme encourages restorative justice programs to celebrate and share their experiences and leading edge examples in delivering restorative justice based services.”

More than 100 volunteers across the NWT deliver the majority of the restorative justice activities through local committees or other community initiatives.

“Without our diverse group of volunteers we would not have the community justice system we have today,” said Mr. Ramsay. “Their dedication and work is creating safer communities and helping to create a justice system that reflects our cultures and values.”

The GNWT’s restorative justice program helps communities develop alternative ways of dealing with criminal justice issues. This includes referring offenders to community justice committees rather than the courts, forging links between communities and offenders in correctional facilities and crime prevention activities with youth.

To access the nomination forms for the Ministerial Restorative Justice Award, visit www.justice.gov.nt.ca

For more information contact:

Sue Glowach
Senior Communications Advisor,
Department of Justice, GNWT
867- 920-3130