New Occupational Health and Safety Training Program for GNWT Employees

28 novembre 2013
Communiqués de presse

YELLOWKNIFE (November 28, 2013) – A new comprehensive occupational health and safety training program will enhance workplace safety and well-being for all GNWT employees.  The GNWT has partnered with the Northern Safety Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to safer northern workplaces, to provide training to employees. 

“This formal agreement with the Northern Safety Association on comprehensive occupational health and safety training is a significant milestone for the GNWT and fulfills a commitment in our public service strategic plan,” said Tom Beaulieu, Minister of Human Resources. “Our work on the priorities of the 17th Legislative Assembly depends on safe, healthy workplaces for all of our employees who are carrying out those tasks. Upholding and enhancing occupational health and safety across all GNWT worksites has been a key goal for GNWT departments and agencies.”

The new training program will provide employees with general knowledge about occupational health and safety, including training about how to sit on and chair occupational health and safety committees. It will also provide specialized occupational health and safety training to GNWT employees based on their work environment.

Training opportunities support departments and agencies to implement the GNWT’s corporate occupational health and safety training program.

The NWT Public Service Strategic Plan, 20/20:  A Brilliant North, commits the GNWT to the continued development and implementation of occupational health and safety programs in its workplaces.

For more information, contact:

Jackie Bell
Manager, Policy and Communications
Department of Human Resources
Tel: (867) 873-7696