Robert C. McLeod: Regional Recruitment Program

Déclarations et discours de ministres

Mr. Speaker, the GNWT has made a commitment in its Mandate to continue to implement the Regional Recruitment Program to assist with increasing regional employment opportunities by linking residents with on-the-job training.  In 2014, the GNWT introduced the Regional Recruitment Program to help increase regional recruitment and retention by providing a link between vacant regional positions and Northern residents seeking employment.

The Regional Recruitment Program supports participants by providing them with developmental plans and on-the-job training. This enables participants to gain valuable experience before taking on an indeterminate position.  

During the training period, participants receive 80% of the position’s salary; the remaining 20% supports the employee’s training which could include traveling to other communities or attending specialized courses.  Once the training period is complete, successful participants move onto indeterminate positions with the GNWT and of course, receive the full salary for the position.

Mr. Speaker, since the call for applications for the Regional Recruitment Program was first distributed to Departments in January 2014, 32 individuals have been appointed to trainee positions. Thirteen of these have been appointed to indeterminate positions. A significant majority of the program participants are priority candidates under the Affirmative Action Policy.

Mr. Speaker, the Department of Human Resources is looking at ways to enhance the Regional Recruitment Program. Commencing January 2017, the Department will begin to implement a communications plan to increase uptake of the Program by enhancing communication within the regions about it.

The Regional Recruitment Program is a valuable recruitment and retention tool that has a important role to play in workforce and succession planning over the coming years.

Mr. Speaker, having the staff in place to deliver programs and services to all NWT residents is essential to the overall productivity of the GNWT. By filling vacant regional positions with trained Northern workers, we strengthen our labour force and provide employment opportunities where they are most needed.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.