Louis Sebert: Recreational Leasing Management Framework – Celebrating Our Successes

Déclarations et discours de ministres

Delivered on October 3, 2017

Mr. Speaker, our government recognized the importance of moving toward a stable and reliable recreational land use regime when we committed in our mandate to completing the Recreational Leasing Management Framework and a plan for the Yellowknife periphery area.

The first part of our commitment, to develop the Framework, is now complete.  The Recreational Leasing Management Framework was tabled in March, and in June I outlined the work needed to create a plan for recreational leasing in the areas around Yellowknife. The Department of Lands is now reviewing approaches for implementing the action items referenced under the Framework.

To advance the second portion of our commitment, the Department of Lands is completing section 35 consultation with Indigenous governments and organizations on a draft Yellowknife Periphery Area recreation management plan. The plan will provide the direction and guidance that the Government of the Northwest Territories needs in order to administer the lands outside and around Yellowknife, N'dilo, and Detah.  Fundamental to this work is making sure that Aboriginal and treaty rights are considered, that we have provided accommodations where appropriate, and that we take the time to do meaningful consultation.  We anticipate being able to release a draft Yellowknife periphery area plan for public review early in 2018, once our consultations are completed.

Mr. Speaker, I would like to thank all those involved and the public for their continued cooperation and support on these initiatives. Our Department truly values the input we have received.  It helps us ensure the interests of Northerners are being heard as we work together to shape the direction of public land management in the Northwest Territories.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.