Government of the Northwest Territories continues roll out of Electronic Medical Records

INUVIK (July 12, 2016) – Clients in the Beaufort-Delta Health and Social Services Authority will become the newest beneficiaries of electronic medical information systems, as the Government of the Northwest Territories continues improvements to the NWT Health and Social Services system with its roll-out of the Territorial Electronic Medical Record (EMR) project.

In collaboration with TELUS Health, authorized health professionals will have secure, instant access to the medical information of patients, which will help enhance continuity of patient care.

Moving towards a paperless record system will provide additional security, such as tracking who accesses an EMR and what changes are made to individual patient medical records. Additionally, privacy audits will be conducted on a regular basis to ensure only authorized and appropriate access to patient information occurs.

The rollout of the Territorial EMR in Inuvik is taking place July 12.  There may be slight delays, as providers will use extended appointment times for the first two weeks after go-live.

Health Centres and Hospitals currently using the Territorial EMR include: Yellowknife Primary Care Centre, Frame Lake Community Health Clinic, Hay River Health Centre, Fort Resolution Health Centre, Behchoko Health Centre, Fort Smith Health Centre and Stanton Territorial Hospital.


“EMR is used for scheduling, charting and billing to support the delivery of patient care.  The EMR transforms the way information is captured, integrated and shared between authorized health providers. It leads to better care and better health for a better future.”          

Glen Abernethy, Minister of Health and Social Services

“EMR is more secure than paper records and it will make it easier for authorized health providers to track data over time as well as notifying them when patients are due for preventative visits and screenings.  The EMR will ensure health information is available at the right time, right place, and to the right provider.”

- Arlene Jorgensen, CEO, Beaufort Delta Health and Social Services Authority

“Inuvik residents join a growing number of Canadians whose physicians and other clinicians use EMRs.  According to recent benefit evaluations, clinicians who have made the switch from paper to electronic medical records are reporting improved communications, better quality of care, and better health outcomes for patients.”

- Michael Green, President and CEO, Canada Health Infoway   

“Today’s EMR systems are a powerful tool that physicians use to make more informed decisions and communicate with other healthcare providers.  With the use of data and dashboards attached to the EMR, clinicians can optimize how they manage their practice and be a lot more proactive in managing the cohort of patients they have under their care.”

- Michael Guerriere, Chief Medical Officer, TELUS Health.            

Quick Facts

  • Electronic Medical Records – One Record, Better Care
  • EMR allows authorized healthcare providers to quickly and securely access a patient’s health information, no matter where in the NWT care is delivered.

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