Statement on Enbridge Line 21 project

YELLOWKNIFE (May 16, 2017) – Premier Bob McLeod issued the following statement on the Enbridge Line 21 project:

“Last month, Enbridge Incorporated filed regulatory applications for its Line 21 Segment Replacement Project with the National Energy Board (NEB) and the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board (MVLWB).  The purpose of this project is to replace the existing Norman Wells pipeline segment that runs under the Mackenzie River, which was compromised due to riverbank instability. The company shut down Line 21 as a precautionary measure in November 2016.

“The GNWT views this project largely as a maintenance effort that it would not normally refer for environmental assessment and is confident the regulatory system will carefully consider it on its own. If the project is approved, we expect that it will be done  in a way that protects the environment and the economic, social and cultural well-being of residents and communities in the Mackenzie Valley.  The GNWT is an active participant in the regulatory reviews of the Enbridge Line 21 segment replacement, through the northern boards and the National Energy Board, and as such will ensure its input is timely, evidence-based, and cohesive.

“The Mandate of the 18th Assembly recognizes that benefits from non-renewable resource production enables investment into other sectors of the economy.  The Enbridge Line 21 pipeline, as a contributor to our economy, provides important services and opportunities for Northern residents.  This is why the GNWT has made it a priority to support timely and efficient regulatory processes for projects, to ensure that the interests of all residents are recognized and protected.”