GNWT Land Use and Sustainability Framework

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Message from the Premier

Land is life. It is the link to our past. Many people draw their spiritual and cultural identity from the land. It has provided food and materials to sustain the people of the Northwest Territories (NWT) for hundreds of years, and

it is the key to the future. The abundance of natural features and resources offers the potential for economic development and revenues to support investments in our people, our environment and our economy.

We have long held that decisions that influence our territory’s economy and environment are better guided and managed by the people who live here. The devolution of authorities over public lands, water and resources gives the people of our territory that decision-making power.

It is important that NWT land owners and other partners know how the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) will be managing land, water and resources in the public interest. The Land Use and Sustainability Framework lays out the GNWT’s vision. It will guide our land use decision- making and describes how we will carry out our new roles and responsibilities after devolution.

The North has always been about partnerships. Everyone in the NWT has a stake in making this a healthy, strong and prosperous territory. The

framework sets out the principles and interests the GNWT will bring to the table when working with our partners to unlock our natural resources’ vast potential and achieve environmental sustainability to create prosperity for our people.

The framework links past policy and incorporates changing realities and new responsibilities. It sets out how the GNWT will deal with the broad issue of land use and the sustainability principles that have always been the cornerstone of this government’s approach to resource development and our relationship to the land, the water and resources. We hope that the

framework will bring clarity and transparency and make it easier to work with other partners for the benefit of the people of the NWT.