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Stay tuned in to the activities, priorities and successes of Cabinet by following along through a variety of channels outlined below or through the department specific websites.   

Premier Caroline Cochrane

Premier, Minister of Executive and Indigenous Affairs, Minister Responsible for the COVID -19 Coordinating Secretariat.

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Hon. Diane Archie

Deputy Premier, Minister of Infrastructure, Minister Responsible for the Northwest Territories Power Corporation. 

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Hon. Paulie Chinna

Minister Responsible for Housing Northwest Territories, Minister Responsible for Homelessness, Minister Responsible for the Public Utilities Board, Minister Responsible for the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission

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Hon. R.J Simpson

Government House Leader, Minister of Education, Culture and Employment and Minister of Justice

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Hon. Shane Thompson

Minister of Municipal and Community Affairs, Minister Responsible for Youth, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Minister of Lands

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Hon. Caroline Wawzonek

Minister of Finance, Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment, including responsibility for the Business Development and Investment Corporation, Minister Responsible for the Status of Women

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Hon. Julie Green

Minister of Health and Social Services, Minister Responsible for Persons with Disabilities, Minister Responsible for Seniors

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November 17, 2022