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Bat Week 2018

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October 24-31 is Bat Week, and this year’s theme is “Be a Bat Hero!”

The Northwest Territories (NWT) is home to seven, maybe eight species of bats. The most common species are the little brown myotis and the northern myotis.

These species may be at risk of white nose syndrome, a disease affecting bats in southern North America. To help these bats, we need help from you to report bat sightings and use bat-friendly practices, such as building bat houses.

To celebrate Bat Week, check out the resources below to find out why bats are so important, and how to be a Bat Hero!

To find out more about bats in the NWT please visit: https://www.enr.gov.nt.ca/en/services/bats or contact wildlifeobs@gov.nt.ca