Cancellation of January 2021 Fur Harvesters Auction

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Public Service Announcement

This notice is to inform Northwest Territories (NWT) trappers that Fur Harvesters Auction has cancelled its January auction due to ongoing travel restrictions related to COVID-19, including recent events in Ontario. This decision was not unexpected and was made with careful consideration of trappers and buyers.

Fur Harvesters Auction is expecting the April 2021 auction will be well-attended as restrictions ease and with increased demand from buyers to restock their supplies.

The GNWT’s Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur (GMVF) program was designed to protect NWT trappers from fluctuations in the fur market due to situations beyond their control. NWT trappers are the only trappers in the world that are still receiving revenue for fur while it is awaiting auction with the Guaranteed Advance for quality furs sent to auction through the GMVF program.

With uncertainty in how the vaccines will affect world travel, there could still be further delays or adjustments to future auctions that could affect the price and supply of wild fur. Thanks to the GMVF program, NWT trappers are sheltered from many of the effects of the recent downturn in the fur industry.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) has been available throughout the pandemic to accept wild fur from NWT trappers and will continue to be available to accept and ship NWT wild fur to Fur Harvesters Auction for sale. ENR continues to stand behind and support trappers through these difficult times.

The NWT has some of the best furs in the world and NWT trappers have the best fur program in the world, the Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur Program!

If you have any questions please contact:

  • ENR’s On the Land Unit – Toll-free: 1-866-611-3877 (1-866-611-FURS)
  • Your local or regional ENR office

For more information: