NWT Water Monitoring Bulletin – May 29, 2022

The Government of the Northwest Territories maintains water monitoring stations across the territory to keep track of water levels and flow rates in areas of potential flood risk for communities.

This information is provided regularly to territorial and regional emergency managers to help understand the status of waterways across the NWT in the lead-up to, and during spring break-up – the highest-risk period for floods in the Northwest Territories.

Technical data

Current status - Peel River and Beaufort Delta

The conditions in the Mackenzie Delta are extremely dynamic today, and water levels are subject to swift change, depending on ice movement.  Water levels in some locations are nearing record highs, but movement of ice can change conditions (water levels up or down) with little notice.

Folks in Aklavik should maintain close watch, while riverside locations in Inuvik are seeing higher than normal water levels.

  • Ice is moving upstream of Aklavik and along East Channel by Inuvik;
    • Water levels continue to respond according to ice movement and jam locations;
      • Water levels at Aklavik have been dropping since 07:00, suggesting a jam upstream of the community;
      • The rate of water level increase at Inuvik has increased over the past 24 hours, suggesting the ice jam on the Mackenzie River Middle Channel is pushing water through various other channels, including the East Channel (at Inuvik);
  • Residents in Aklavik should be prepared for water level increases if ice moves and water is routed towards the community, or for jams downstream of the community that back water up;
  • According to satellite radar imagery from yesterday evening, there is still a substantial amount of ice jammed in the Middle Channel and adjacent channels, resulting in water backing up and re-routing through other channels;
  • Water levels continue to steadily rise in the Mackenzie Delta;
    • Provisional water levels at Aklavik are at 14.98 m (still lower than maximum from last year of 15.539 m and historic maximum of 16.191 m);
    • Provisional water levels at Inuvik are 15.8 m (now higher than the daily average, maximum 16.559 m);
    • Water levels on the Mackenzie River (Middle Channel) below Raymond Channel are 16.06 m (now higher than the maximum from last year of 15.6 m, but lower than the historic maximum of 16.6 m);