Sahtu Hazardous Waste Collection Events and Disposal

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Last month, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) sent Hazardous Waste Management Specialists to assist with hazardous waste collection in two Sahtu communities through the Clean Up, Clean Start Program.

This initiative happens yearly and is funded by the Department of Finance’s Financial Liabilities Fund with support from the local communities.

Through coordination with community governments, hazardous waste is collected and transported out of the communities during the winter road access period. ENR and the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs provide knowledge and technical expertise on proper hazardous waste management.

This year, Fort Good Hope and Tulita were selected to receive help with waste management. In total, 120 pallets of hazardous waste from Fort Good Hope and 80 pallets from Tulita were packaged, labelled and prepared for shipment out on the winter road.

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