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Rob Gau, ENR
Rob Gau, manager of Biodiversity Conservation with ENR, gave a presentation recently at a wildlife conference on the NWT Wildlife Act.

On the Go: ENR Biologist Rob Gau in Albuquerque


Rob Gau, a wildlife manager with ENR, is back from the 24th Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he presented on the history and development of the NWT Wildlife Act.

The Act came into force in November 2014, the result of 15 years of effort and collaboration to modernize wildlife management in the Northwest Territories. You can read more about our groundbreaking approach to developing new wildlife legislation here.

Other presentations at the conference touched on cultural values in wildlife management decisions, engaging Indigenous youth, and effective conservation communication in today’s instant information age – a reminder to biologists to #ShareWhatYouKnow!

For more on what Rob does, you can check out his research page, or follow him on twitter @robgau867.