Regional Land Use Planning: Guidelines on what to expect from the Government of the Northwest Territories – 2016

GNWT Approval

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The process to review and comment on a plan is similar in most instances. However, the time the GNWT requires to follow due process depends on factors like planning board deadlines, the complexity of the documents, the level of interdepartmental and/or intergovernmental conflict, or schedule interruptions (for example: holidays, elections, hunting seasons).

When developing land use plans, planning bodies may seek government review, comment, and/or approval, on the following:

  • process/methodology
  • vision and goals
  • background information/research
  • foreseeable land uses/issues papers
  • land use options to achieve the stated vision and goals
  • draft plan (there may be more than one draft prior to the final)
  • final draft to be submitted for approval

For documents that require the GNWT’s approval, the GNWT follows the review and approval process outlined on the following page. This process is based on the principles of consensus government and, subsequently, ensures that all departments are adequately engaged.

The GNWT is committed to completing this process in the shortest period possible. The GNWT strives to complete reviews within three months of receipt of a document, except for final plan approval (which may be longer or shorter depending on the number of previous reviews).