Regional Land Use Planning: Guidelines on what to expect from the Government of the Northwest Territories – 2016

Inspection and enforcement of permits, licences, and leases

The GNWT’s Regional Superintendents are responsible for the enforcement of permits and licences related to oil and gas, and to mineral development. The Department of Lands enforces most land use permits. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources is responsible for water licences, wildlife, and timber permits. The Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment is responsible for tourism permits and licences.

Inspectors ensure compliance with licences, permits, leases, and other instruments that are issued in conformity with plans. In addition, conditions can be attached to a licence or permit to reflect the requirements of the plan. How a plan is written will affect how effectively it can be implemented and enforced. Inspectors ensure that terms and conditions issued to meet conformity with a plan are met.