What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity (or biological diversity) means the full variety of life in a given region, including ecosystems, species, and the genetic diversity of all living organisms, such as plants and animals. 

Biodiversity planning in the NWT

Biodiversity action planning reflects everything people and organizations are doing in relation to biodiversity in the Northwest Territories (NWT). 

In 2002, the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) initiated the establishment of a NWT Biodiversity Action Team to develop a Northwest Territories Biodiversity Action Plan.

How do we monitor biodiversity in the NWT?

The NWT Species General Status Ranking Program is a collaborative program involving all agencies with a role in managing or conserving wild species in the NWT.

Information gathered under the program is available in NWT Species reports published every five years and through the searchable NWT Species Infobase.

NWT Species and Habitat Viewer

Use the NWT Species and Habitat Viewer to find species distribution map layers and get custom reports on species in each ecoregion, based on your location(s) of interest across the NWT.