Explore ATLAS mapping

The Administration of the Territorial Lands Act System (ATLAS) provides accurate mapping of each parcel of land in the Northwest Territories. 

ATLAS Highlights:

  • Uses geographic information systems (GIS) to maintain and enhance access to parcel and land information.
  • Displays real-time information about who administers the land and details of active interests on both Territorial and Commissioner's Land. 
  • Parcel mapping is further enhanced with large-scale topographical base mapping and high-resolution photography to support the effective management of land. 

Visit ATLAS to access the online mapping system.

The Department of Environment and Climate Change also issues leases on Territorial and Commissioner's Land. All lease applications undergo the Department's standard lease application and review process, which includes consultation. 

Frequently asked Questions about Atlas

Why are the terms of dispositions different lengths?

The Department of Environment and Climate Change issues leases for standard terms (e.g. 30 years). Some activities do not need the full length of time in the term to be completed. The Department considers alternate term lengths on a case-by-case basis, to ensure that land is made available if it is not being actively occupied. Furthermore, the Northwest Territories Land Regulations (section 10) and the Commissioner’s Land Regulations (section 18. (1) and 23. (1)) define limits on term lengths for some types of leases. 

Why do land use descriptions vary between dispositions?

You may notice many dispositions that were issued before Devolution will have unique descriptions. The Department of Environment and Climate Change is working on standardizing land use descriptions since Devolution. However, the Department must also consider a variety of evolving land uses and ensure that all uses of the land are accurately captured under the land use descriptions so that they can be managed under the conditions of the dispositions.