Harvest With Respect

For centuries, the animals in the Northwest Territories have sustained us. Now do your part to help sustain them – put respect at the core of how you harvest

Principles for a respectful harvest

No matter what you’re hunting, these principles will help you harvest with respect.

Respect traditional practices

Learn from Elders and other experienced hunters about the traditional ways of doing things. Put those ways to work when you go out harvesting. Then, pass it on to youth.

Respect the animals

Only take what you need, don’t wound, don’t waste, take all the meat from what your harvest, and store it properly when you go back home.

Respect your neighbours

Respect traditional territories, traditional customs, and other harvester’s camps when you’re out hunting. When you come back to your community, share what you have with folks in need who can’t harvest for themselves.

Respect the land and water

We depend on the land and water, which is important to sustain us. Leave the land and water as you found it – clean and tidy.

Respect the law

There are laws that help protect and conserve our wildlife, and it is important to follow them.   These laws are there for a reason – and were developed collaboratively with Indigenous governments, Indigenous organizations and other co-management partners. 

How you can respectfully harvest

Here are more in-depth tips on how you can live up to these principles when you head out on-the-land.