Taiga Environmental Laboratory

Supplies and Sampling

Order sample bottles

Before going sampling,order sample bottles. Taiga Environmental Laboratory provides sampling supplies free of charge. These supplies are available for pick-up or can be shipped to clients. The laboratory can provide coolers for shipping samples and de-ionized water for field blanks. Please contact the lab directly to make arrangements.

Step one

Make a list of the test parameters required, such as pH, turbidity and Calcium, for each sampling site. You need to sample according to your water licence requirements or your sampling program.

Step two

Using the Field Sheet, determine which sample bottle type(s) are needed to for each site. If any of the test(s) listed under a particular bottle type are required, you will have to order the bottle(s) on the Field Sheet. This means more than one type of bottle per sample site will likely be needed.

Step three

Fill out the Bottle Order Request Form and fax or e-mail the completed form to the laboratory. If preferred, clients may also phone the lab to request an order. Indicate the total number of bottles and preservatives required for each particular bottle type. The lab can provide a cooler and ice packs with sample bottle(s) if needed. It is important to specify when the bottles are required, and whether the bottles will be picked up or shipped. Make sure to include the correct mailing address for shipping.

Collect samples

Step one

Several days before sampling, make sure you have all the sample bottles required. Use the instructions above to order sample bottles.

Step two

Check the departure flight schedule from your community to Yellowknife for the day you plan to take samples. Samples need to be shipped to the laboratory as soon as possible after being collected. Schedule sampling to ensure the sample(s) can be shipped out by plane right away.

Step three

Follow the sampling instructions for each bottle type. Package the bottles, including the completed Field Sheets, in a cooler (include ice packs if necessary) and send to the laboratory in Yellowknife.

Sample safely

Wear gloves if the water/soil you are sampling is known to be contaminated--for example, sewage--or suspected to be contaminated, such as water from an oil spill. Wearing gloves will also prevent contamination of the sample from your hands.

The sample preservatives provided by the laboratory are corrosive and will cause a burning sensation on your skin. If you spill any on your skin or clothes, rinse the area immediately with lots of cool water. Call a doctor if the burning sensation continues. Wearing gloves will protect your hands from direct contact. However, if you spill any preservatives on your gloves, remove and discard the gloves immediately.