View the Current Mobile Core Bathurst Caribou Management Zone

Where is the Mobile Zone?

What is the Mobile Zone?

The Mobile Core Bathurst Caribou Management Zone is a wildlife management zone for barren-ground caribou under the Wildlife Act.

This Zone (yellow on the map) was implemented in order to let hunters know where harvesting is prohibited and assist in protecting and conserving the Bathurst caribou herd.

You must not hunt caribou inside this zone.

The GNWT does not make caribou locations or numbers publicly available due to significant conservation concerns.

New maps will be posted as updated information on animal distribution becomes available.  

    How do I find out the boundaries of the Mobile Zone?

    The map is updated every Tuesday. You can get a map from:

    What happens if I’m caught harvesting inside the Mobile Zone?

    If caught:

    • An officer will investigate the scene.
    • If the officer determines that the caribou may have been harvested illegally, they will seize the caribou meat.
    • The officer may ask for a voluntary statement from you for the investigation file.
    • The officer will write up a violation report, and after an investigation is under way, you will be told the next steps.
    • If the investigation indicates there has been an illegal harvest in the Mobile Zone, a charge will be laid and you will get a date for a court appearance.
    • If the officer seizes your meat and ECC is not able to store the meat until the court process is complete:
      • The officer will write up a disposition order to decide who will receive the meat.
      • You will receive notice that a disposition hearing is set with a Justice of the Peace.
      • You can state your case to keep the meat at the hearing. If it is decided you can’t keep it, the meat becomes the property of the GNWT.
      • The GNWT will give the meat to a charitable organization.