Water Management and Monitoring

Freshwater is fundamental to life. Clean and abundant freshwaters ensure healthy, productive ecosystems. These are essential to the social, cultural and economic wellbeing of people, particularly the residents of the Northwest Territories (NWT).

The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) responsibilities for water management and monitoring include:

Regulatory decision-making

The Department of Environment and Climate Change (ECC) is responsible for regulatory decision-making related to water use and management in the NWT, including the development, implementation and interpretation of legislation and policy.

Water quality and quantity data collection

Reliable water quality and quantity data is needed to properly manage water resources. The GNWT, in cooperation with Environment and Climate Change Canada and other federal and territorial departments, collects information about water quantity and quality in the NWT.

Water stewardship and planning

Responsible water management requires a long-term view of the resource, its potential uses and future demands. The GNWT works with its water partners on a collaborative approach to water stewardship and planning in the NWT, including transboundary water agreements.

Providing advice to co-management partners

ECC provides advice to co-management partners, including resource management boards and other clients, on the effects of proposed water and land activities on the aquatic environment, as required by the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and the Waters Act and regulations.