Water Management and Monitoring

Water quality and quantity

Healthy aquatic ecosystems make sure Northwest Territories (NWT) waters remain clean, abundant and productive for all time. Monitoring aquatic ecosystems allows us to track and measure changes to water quality, quantity, rates of flow and biological parameters over time and space.

In order for Northerners to make informed decisions about how water and aquatic ecosystems in the NWT are used and managed, we need to have as much information available as possible. For this reason, it is important that aquatic ecosystem health monitoring includes indicators of water quality and quantity, as well as biological indicators, because it increases our overall understanding of the aquatic ecosystem. This helps to guide water stewardship decisions.

The Government of the Northwest Territories monitors water quantity and quality through a variety of short- and long-term projects. Baseline studies tell us about the conditions of the environment before changes occur. Continued monitoring tells us if, and how, the environment is modified as changes proceed.

Map of Water Quality and Quantity Monitoring Sites in the Northwest Territories - 2016

Water quality monitoring sample sites, Northwest Territories
Water quality monitoring sample sites, Northwest Territories