Alfred Moses: Advancing a Northwest Territories Physical Activity Strategy

Yellowknife — October 31, 2018
Ministers' Statements and Speeches

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Mr. Speaker, today I am pleased to provide an update on the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs’ progress on our mandate commitment to develop and implement a Northwest Territories Physical Activity Strategy. This strategy will promote community wellness and encourage individuals and families to lead healthy lifestyles through the promotion of physical activity.


Earlier this year, the South Slave communities of Hay River, Fort Smith and the Kátł’odeeche First Nation hosted a very successful Arctic Winter Games. They proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that our communities are capable of tremendous achievements when volunteers, organizations, and companies collaborate to support important sport and recreation projects.


I mention this major accomplishment because it lays the groundwork for an important principle, that being when individuals, communities, organizations, and governments share a common vision and work together, our successes will be stronger, our actions will be more meaningful, and our results will have more impact. The Department of Municipal and Community Affairs will use this principle as the foundation of our Northwest Territories Physical Activity Strategy and a broader Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Framework. 


Mr. Speaker, earlier this fall, the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs retained the services of an external contractor to help develop a Framework that will support sport, physical activity and recreation in our communities.


The development process will include engagement with the organizations most directly involved in sport and recreation, as well as the public and communities. We are aiming for a plan that will ensure our investments from funds approved by the Legislative Assembly and from the Western Canada Lottery Program are invested wisely and for the greatest benefit to our residents.


Mr. Speaker, by the spring of 2019, Members of this House will be able to review and comment on:

  • A Northwest Territories Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Framework, including our Mandate commitment,  the complementary NWT Physical Activity Strategy;
  •  A funding policy for the utilization of Western Canada Lottery Program resources; and
  • An evaluation framework to measure progress in future years.  

Mr. Speaker, I look forward to hearing from residents and stakeholders throughout the engagement process. These important policies will help us make wise use of our resources for sport, physical activities and recreation to make our communities stronger and our people healthier.


Thank you, Mr. Speaker.