Caroline Cochrane: COVID-19, Media Briefing Statement

Yellowknife — March 13, 2020
Ministers' Statements and Speeches

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Good afternoon, I’m here to talk to the residents of the Northwest Territories about COVID-19.

Earlier today I was absent in the house, and session, to participate on a call from 11 o’clock to 1 o’clock with the Prime Minister and all Premiers across Canada. All Premiers are concerned about COVID-19, and we are all taking precautionary measures to limit the spread and associated impacts throughout Canada.

The particular vulnerabilities of the Northwest Territories, and indeed all three territories, related to rates of overcrowding, limited health infrastructure and services in small and remote communities were emphasized on this phone call and recognized by our Prime Minister as an area in need of support.

Right now we have zero diagnosed cases in the Northwest Territories, but it’s not a matter of if it hits, but when it hits. When it hits, we are emphasizing to Ottawa that we will have special need of support.

All Premiers have committed to working together and updating each other on the status of COVID-19 in their jurisdictions on a regular basis. The Prime Minister has committed to special measures for the North, recognizing our special need.