“Celebrate Healthy Living” Carrot Rewards Mobile App Official Launch

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Yellowknife — May 29, 2019

Today, during the “Celebrate Healthy Living” event, the Departments of Health and Social Services and Municipal and Community Affairs launched the simple and interactive Carrot Rewards mobile app – one of the first mobile apps officially endorsed by the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT). 

Carrot Rewards is a wellness app and brand engagement platform that was created and launched by Toronto-based Carrot Insights in 2016. Currently, the app has 1.1 million active Canadian users located in British Columbia, Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador and now, the Northwest Territories. There are plans to expand to Yukon and Alberta. The app rewards residents for engaging in physical activity and health awareness and is equipped with a built-in pedometer for tracking step goals.
The GNWT has developed NWT-specific health promotions, quizzes and challenges for the Carrot Rewards app. When NWT residents successfully complete quizzes and challenges, they earn loyalty points from program partners such as Petro Points, RBC Rewards, and Canadian North. The points can be exchanged for rewards like airmiles on popular airlines, fuel discounts, or gift cards to stores including the Stanton Chain of Grocers in the Beaufort Delta. 
The “Celebrate Healthy Living” event featured special guests Sarah Richard, the Chief of Product and Co-Founder of Carrot app, as well as Dr. Hasan Hutchinson from Health Canada who spoke about the new Canada’s Food Guide. The Carrot Rewards initiative is a tangible example of how the GNWT is working to find innovative ways to improve the health outcomes of residents by identifying and adopting new tools and technology. The soft launch of the Carrot Rewards app took place late last week and is already seeing 40 active users.
The Carrot Rewards platform was created in collaboration with Canadian government agencies, health NGOs and the private sector. Through this innovative platform, the GNWT hopes to encourage more Northerners to make health-conscious decisions, get informed about what they can do to live happier healthier lives, and ultimately support healthy, strong communities.

“We’ve heard from residents that they want convenient and innovative ways to help them stay active and healthy, whether skating in your local arena, playing on the land with friends and elders or going to your local recreation centre. The app we are launching today is meant to complement all of those get active initiatives. Carrot Rewards provides Northerners innovative ways to challenge themselves and their friends and families through quizzes and goals to get active and receive points.”
- Honourable Glen Abernethy, Minister of Health and Social Services, GNWT

 “We are uniquely proud to be launching our program in the Northwest Territories. We have changed over a million lives and awarded over two billion points in other parts of Canada — now the time has come for us to directly impact the wellness of those living in our country’s beautiful North.”
- Andreas Souvaliotis, CEO and Founder, Carrot Rewards

 Quick facts:

  • Residents can earn points by referring a friend, reaching step goals, completing quizzes, and combining steps with friends and family.
  • The mobile app is available in English and French, free of charge.
  • Carrot Rewards is available for download on any Android or iOS device.
  • With well over one million users in Canada, Carrot was recognized as Canadian App of the Year by MobileSyrup, ranked by Bond Brand Loyalty as a Top 10 Canadian Loyalty Program in The Loyalty Report, named one of the Top Fastest Growing Companies by Canadian Business and Maclean's Magazine and was the most recent Global Innovation Award winner at the World Government Summit.

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