Comment Deadline for New Safety Regulations Extended

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January 13, 2011 - The comment deadline for the new NWT/Nunavut Safety Regulations will be extended to March 31, 2011. “Many members of the NWT Construction Association and the NWT Chamber of Commerce have requested more time to examine the potential effect that the proposed changes to the Safety Regulations will have in the NWT,” said Minister McLeod. “With the extension, stakeholders will have time to examine the proposed regulations in a coordinated manner and provide meaningful feedback to the Safety Regulation Review Committee.”

After meeting with Minister McLeod, Bob Doherty, President of the NWT Construction Association, was pleased with the extension. “I am also pleased that the Minister will be appointing Mr. Jack Rowe, of Rowe’s Construction and one our Directors at the NWT Construction Association, to the Safety Regulation Review Committee effective immediately,” said Mr. Doherty. Both Minister McLeod and Mr. Doherty believe that Mr. Rowe’s long experience as a contractor and businessman in the NWT will provide an informed perspective that will benefit the final recommendations of the Safety Regulation Review Committee. “As a former general contractor and small business owner, I am aware of the challenges of operating in a cold weather climate and the need for safety regulations that recognize and allow for our northern operating realities,” added Minister McLeod. “I will not be signing off on any Safety Regulations that do not balance northern operating realities with best safety practices and worker safety.”

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