ENGAGEMENT PERIOD EXTENDED: Have Your Say on Conservation Planning in the NWT

Public Service Announcement

Yellowknife — June 28, 2022

The timeline has been extended for you to have your say on conservation planning for the next five years in the NWT.

You can now provide your feedback on how the GNWT works to protect the biodiversity, ecological integrity and cultural continuity of the Northwest Territories until September 1, 2022.

Protecting biodiversity through the establishment and management of a conservation network is a priority of this government and the GNWT’s approach to conservation planning has been guided by Healthy Land, Healthy People: GNWT Priorities for Advancement of Conservation Network Planning 2016-2021 (HLHP).

An updated workplan has been developed to reflect the interests and values of NWT residents today. It was produced based on feedback collected in 2021, and now the public is invited to provide feedback on the draft workplan and on the advancement of the conservation network in the NWT for the next five years.

Background on the conservation network

The conservation network is a collection of protected and conserved areas designed to protect biodiversity, ecological integrity and cultural continuity.

The conservation network is made up of many different areas, such as territorial protected areas, land use plan conservation zones, wildlife conservation areas, national parks and national park reserves, migratory bird sanctuaries, and Indigenous protected and conservation areas, that work together to protect biodiversity and the traditions of the people of the NWT.

Healthy Land, Healthy People: GNWT Priorities for Advancement of Conservation Network Planning, 2016-2021 –resulted in a new Protected Areas Act and two new protected areas in the NWT.

This next plan will continue that work.

How to have your say

For more information

Mike Westwick

Manager, Communications and Public Affairs

Environment and Natural Resources

Government of the Northwest Territories